Hi! 🙂

I’m Line. I live in the northern part of Jutland, where I am currently studying computer science at UCN Aalborg. I’m half Danish and Thai, as my mum immigrated from Thailand to Denmark in the early 80s. I like travelling, and besides Denmark, I have lived in London, Bangkok, and Budapest.

I consider myself quite inquisitive, and I don’t think you will ever get too old to learn something new. In the same breath, I never saw a challenge I didn’t like.

I enjoy reading. I stick mainly to crime and science fiction, but my favourite author is Haruki Murakami, which doesn’t quite fit into any of those categories. I used to be a crazy cat lady but due to the absence of cats in my life, I have transitioned into the role of a crazy plant lady. It seems like my home has been overtaken by Monstera plants. 

I also quite like communication, graphic design, and UX. I try to combine all of which with what I’m learning about system development and programming at UCN. While studying I try to explain the concepts I’m learning to understand better. I also have a few thoughts about the process and everything I’ve put into words you can find in the blog.