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The internship

I’ve been very lucky to have been offered internships at three very nice companies (by very nice people). However, I have chosen to work with from August. I’m looking quite forward to it. I will be doing marketing, social media and online PR amongst other things. Have I mentioned, how I’m looking quite forward to it?

This is turning in to a blog/journal. Which was not the point. Enjoy it while it lasts :)

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So I guess I’m looking for an internship.

To be honest, I’m a little thorn with this. On one hand I think it’s excellent that I have the opportunity to expand my network and my skill set with an internship while doing my Master’s degree. On the other hand I am already working two relevant study jobs where I get to work with communication, social media and also event management actually (just sort of happened).

I guess I will take a look at what’s available and maybe send out a few applications and then see what happens.

If you see any cool postings - be sure to send them my way, ok? :)

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